A gps monitoring device may be ordered as part of your Pre-Trial Release.

The courts may set specific conditions of bail, including the use of a house arrest / gps monitoring device.

This provides courts, pre-trial services, and probation departments an alternative to order defendants on electronic monitoring when they are unable to, due to logistical issues.

How GPS monitoring may assist in your defense

Keep your client out of jail with use of a gps monitoring device. We have your solution by combining Advanced Tracking Technologies and Crime Analysis Tools to keep track of your clients.


Key Benefits of GPS monitoring for Pre-Trial ReleasE:

  • Active participation in defense
  • Possible Bail Reduction
  • Compliance with court orders
  • Client may return to work
  • Rebuild trust with family
  • Attend court ordered classes
  • May prevent more violations

Accurate Trace has the ability to electronically monitor those on pre-trial release.

If a court decides to release an accused on a recognizance bond (OR), the judge may order that the defendant be monitored electronically.

Monitoring at the pre-trial stage allows offenders with limited financial resources to return to their homes to await trial, rather then spend weeks or months in custody.

Pre-Trial release affords defendants to return to work while awaiting their trial date.

What we can do for you

Ask your attorney, or pre-trial officer to contact us to see if you may qualify for electronic pre-trial release.
We will gladly provide an acceptance letter to your attorney, stating we are able to monitor your where-about's during your release.

Your client may better participate in their defense strategy by attending counseling, alcohol/drug meetings, pro-active offense-specific programs & demonstrate to the court that they are not threats to community safety but productive citizens.