Alleged Cashman ‘stalker’ freed on bail

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Exes, beware!

After five months in Rikers, serial stalker Louise Meanwell has been freed on bail and ordered to steer clear of a small crowd of 13 exes and relatives of exes in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut — including former lover Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

“Every single one of them you must stay away from,” Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson told a weepy Meanwell, who answered earnestly, “I understand, your honor. I have no interest in contacting any one of them.”

Meanwell left Manhattan Criminal Court arm in arm with her mother, Caroline Meanwell, both of them in tears and chattering away in British accents.

“I want to see my cat, Chicken Little,” the accused serial stalker giggled in the elevator down from court. “I have the best mother in the world!” she chirped.

The buxom blonde is fighting a 52-count indictment charging she extorted $6,000 from Cashman after a fleeting 2011 affair — threatening to go to the press if he didn’t divorce his wife and fork over thousands of dollars more to fund her medical treatment for an aborted pregnancy prosecutors say never happened.

The indictment names four other “victims” — the GM’s other ex-mistress and estranged wife, along with Meanwell’s own ex-husband and ex-boyfriend.

In all, Meanwell had to sign orders of protection keeping her away from a total of 13 people who’ve complained about her in the past few years, including her own 14-year-old daughter, who prosecutors say doesn’t want to see her.

“I had direct contact today with the defendant’s daughter,” assistant district attorney Kenn Kern told the judge. “Sadly, she wants no contact with the defendant.”

That’s ditto for Cashman and everyone else, the prosecutor said. “The defendant’s release today is a worrisome event in the lives of the victims,” he said, saying the whole group of 13 has “significant concerns.”

Meanwell, who also uses the name Neathway, will stay in the mom’s Hunterdon County, NJ townhouse with the mom’s boyfriend, Larry Gruss — two individuals who prosecutors say she has also threatened when she hasn’t got her way in the past.

She’ll sport an ankle bracelet calibrated to tightly confine her to her mother’s neighborhood and her legal, court and doctor appointments, said Emanuel Scharon, of Secure Alert Monitoring AKA Accurate Trace, who fitted her with the bracelet.

“She can come into New York, but not Connecticut,” where Cashman’s wife and kids live, said bail bondsman Ira Judelson. “And, obviously, not The Bronx.”