GPS Monitoring will allow you extra security in writing bonds, which in turn puts more money in your pocket.

Think of it as an INSURANCE POLICY.

Potentially at no cost to the bond agency since the cost of monitoring can be
at the client's expense.

Provides assurances against loss of a bond, costs of recovery and the uncertainty and time consuming process of liquidating equity in this troubled economy.

Where is your defendant right now?

Is he / she where they say they are?
Is the information they provided current?
If you had to look for them, where would you start?
Are they meeting the conditions of release on your bond?

You have a choice - Track your clients in real-time within just 15 feet.

What we can do for you?

A staff member of Accurate Trace will meet you at your office, the jail, court, or the defendant's residence to install a monitoring device. We take care of everything, including the enrollment process, billing, installation, monitoring, and reports.

ReliAlert XC3 GPS Offender Tracking Device

Offenders or defendant will be wearing an ankle bracelet device, which you can see pictured below. They will be monitored minute by minute in a real time fashion, which will allow for us to detect any issues or problems that may present.

The bracelet along with our services will consist of an ultra intensive level of active monitoring, which will involve a voice and siren features of the ReliAlert XC3 GPS system in order to intervene and triage violations in real time as they occur as response time is critical in these situations.

ReliAlert XC3 GPS Offender Tracking

ReliAlert XC3 GPS Offender Tracking

ReliAlert XC3 is Accurate Traces latest GPS offender tracking innovation that sets the standard for reliability and performance in the offender monitoring industry. It is a single unit GPS device that will enable us to effectively track offender movements and communicate directly with the offender at any time through GPS and cellular technology. 


                                                                 SECURE CUFF

                                                                 SECURE CUFF

This cuff is an option that can be used with high-risk cases.

It is a hardened steel encased security cuff that makes it very difficult for defendant to remove