Technical Specifications


•   GPS Operation: updates location and assesses compliance every 2 seconds

•   GPS Accuracy: 6ft (1.8m) in optimal conditions; within 50ft (15m) under normal operating conditions

•   GPS Anti-Jamming: advanced, adaptive digital filtering (25 db improvement over conventional GPS receiver)

•   On-Board Processing: zones and curfews stored on-device areassessed for compliance every 2 seconds

•   Secondary Locationing Technology: cellular triangulation points taken automatically when GPS is unavailable (comparable performance to e911)

•   Battery Performance: 50-56 hours of operation at one-minute trackingand reporting intervals (2 hours charge time)

•   Battery Life: 500 recharge cycles

•   Data Communication: automatic switching across multiple carriers including AT&T and T-Mobile data transport via GRPS/EDGE/UMTS and SMS

•   On-Board Voice Communication: two/three-way voice communication available at any time

•   Siren: 95 db, activated via TrackerPAL™ software by Monitoring Center oragency officers

•   Memory Storage: minimum of 18 days at one-minute trackingand reporting intervals

•   Multiple Monitoring Levels: available via the TrackerPAL™ software –  no equipment change required

•   Tracking/Reporting Interval: configurable to one or five minutes

•   Embedded RF Technology: works in conjunction withHomeAware Beacon

•   Alerts: voice, siren, LED, vibration, audio tones

•   Anti-Tamper Capability: strap tamper technology, case tamper alarm

•   Standard Strap: pre-sized and cut-resistant with fiber-optics  WEIGHT for tamper detection

9.7 OZ

•   SecureCuff™: extremely cut-resistant with encased hardened steel bands and fiber-optics for tamper detection

•   Waterproof: 20ft (6m)

•   Operating Temperatures: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)

•   Cellular: 65m and UMT5 3G HSPA+, able to transmit data & SMS during 


TrackGoups patent pending SecureCuff™ is the only security cuff in the industry specifically made for highrisk offenders. It has encased, hardened steel bands designed to be highly cut resistant and provide officers an additional 10-15 minutes to be on-site before an offender can abscond. The SecureCuff™ includes a fiber-optic technology strap for tampering notification and specialized security screws to secure the strap to the device. The SecureCuff™ solution helps address the critical "strap cut" issue so prevalent in juveniles and high-risk adult offenders. It serves to significantly reduce the number of officer response hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded and is not offered by any other offender monitoring company.

For the time being, this device has to be custom ordered for each offender.






- Encased, Hardened Steel Bands: each hardened steel band is 1/2" wide and 1/16" thick
- Anti-Tamper Features: extreme cut-resistant, dual steel bands; embedded fiber optics; security screws for installation/removal
- Sizing: measurement tool provided; multiple, pre-cut sizes available
- GPS Device: utilized with ReliAlert™ and ReliAlert™XC