On many occasions parents call us asking for a device they can install on their juveniles as the run away, sneak out of the house at night, etc.


Our small ankle bracelet monitoring device can keep track of your teenager at all times. The device is tamper proof and even if your smart teenager tries to take it off in some fashion, you will be alerted immediately!


When your daughter sneaks out at night, wouldn't it be nice to know exactly were she is? Now that's possible.


Generally, your teenagers will not even attempt to take off, as they know you are watching their location.


With the click of a mouse, you will always know were they are.


Close to 70% of previously confined juvenile offenders are rearrested less than two years after their release.

Reduce recidivism, truancy and hold offenders accountable without the stigma of detention with SecureAlert’s case management services. SecureAlert’s case management programs allows juvenile offenders to attend school and maintain family relationships. These programs and services include active tracking, school attendance, drug/alcohol testing and monitoring programs. 



Your teen is fitted with an electronic monitoring device either
by you or us.


As a parent, you have full access to the monitoring center so that you may see where your teen is now and where he/she has been.


You provide us with curfew schedules and times your teen is supposed to be at school. We set a virtual fence around the home and school.
In the event your teen sneaks out, we do the following:
- Call your teen on the device itself requesting them to turn around and get back into the house/school.
- If your teen doesn't comply, we can sound a 95 desible siren on the device, which takes out the cool factor of running with friends.
- Of course, we call you the parent

This is the device you would use to monitor your teen

ReliAlert XC3

Offender Monitoring with ReliAlert XC3


The ReliAlert/XC3 device is waterproof up to 4ft. So sticking their ankle into a bucket of water hoping to short the device out doesn't work.

This is what is used to secure the device on your teen.
As teens are the toughest clients we have, we suggest the use of this SecureCuff. It eliminates the worry of them being able to cut the device off with regular household tools. 


The devices are monitored around the clock by a live staff providing you with peace of mind that someone is watching.